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Our Probate Services

How does it work?

•    We take simple instructions from you
•    We’ll discuss with you which service you need
•    We ask each specialist solicitor on our panel to give us their lowest probate service price
•    We then provide you with a fixed, upfront quote

If you are the executor of a will, we can help you with your application for probate. We’ll set out clearly what our service includes, and how much it will cost. You can be confident of receiving a great value, high quality probate service, with advice and support, just when you need it most.


We'll handle everything for you and 

our fees will be paid from the estate.


We'll organise everything for you

up to the point of getting probate.

Price Comparison

Our price comparison table shows what you could typically be charged on estates worth £50,000, £150,000 and £300,000.

Estate Value Bank Solicitor Just Probate
£50k £2,000 £1,000 £600
£150k £6,000 £3,000 £1,345
£300k  £12,000 £6,000 £3,430

We'll give you practical advice

Confidential free advice

Our trained probate consultants can give you advice on how to get the best deals for probate services. Our panel of experienced probate solicitors compete for your business, so we can secure the best value quotation for  you on the day.

Upfront, competitive, fixed quote in writing

We provide you, upfront, with a fixed quote in writing. You know from the start, what work is included, and how much it will cost. Unlike traditional high street solicitor firms or banks, we don’t wait until the end of the process to tell you how much our fee is.

Great value quotes

We understand before you decide to buy something, you want to know how much it is going to cost.
Just Probate bases its costs fairly on the amount of work that will be needed to deal with the affairs of the person who has died. Unlike traditional high street solicitor firms, or banks, we don’t charge according to the value of the estate or at an hourly rate for every telephone call made, letter sent or email read

We've done the shopping around - so you don't have to

We’ve already done the shopping around for high quality, great value probate services from solicitors, so you don’t have to.
Just Probate will guide you through the probate process, keeping you informed on what needs to be done, and explaining things in words you understand. Your own probate solicitor will work with you to ensure that the affairs of the person who has died are dealt with as quickly as possible.

Online tracking service

Our online tracking service will keep you informed and is updated as the administration progresses. You will be able to access your case 24/7 and will know what needs to be done and what’s been completed. You can always pick up the telephone and speak to your solicitor if you have any questions – they will be happy to explain things in plain English. 

Call us today for a free initial consultation: 0845 521 1 521

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