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Full Administration Service

Our Full Administration service will handle all the legal work and paperwork, from taking your instructions, getting probate, through to making the final gifts in the Will or under the rules of intestacy. Our fees will be paid from the estate.

Our step-by-step guide shows you how our Full Administration Service works.

Step 1: Details about the person who has died.

We take brief details from you about the person who has died, and their property, money and possessions. We then ask our panel of experienced probate solicitors, who are all competing for your business, to give us their best price for the legal services you need to get the grant of probate and to administer the estate. This bidding process is how we can secure the best value legal services for you.

Step 2: Upfront fixed quote.

We then provide you, upfront, with a fixed quote in writing for the cost of legal services. You know from the start, what work is included, and how much it will cost. Unlike traditional high street solicitors, or the banks, you don’t have to wait until the work is completed to find out how much it has cost.

Step 3: Your solicitor will contact you

If the quote is acceptable to you, we ask you to pay a brokerage fee (which is repaid from the estate), and then your solicitor will contact you for further details about the person who has died. They will ask you to forward the death certificate, Will if there is one, and all the documents and papers for the property, money and possessions of the person who has died.

Step 4: Tax form and Grant of Probate.

Your chosen solicitors will calculate the net value of the estate; complete the correct inheritance tax form and the application form for the Probate Registry to issue the Grant.

Step 5: Gifts from the Will.

Your solicitor will use the Grant on your behalf to close bank accounts, turn investments into cash, and to collect in all the property, money and personal possessions, from which they first pay any debts and tax which is owed. Your solicitor then make the gifts set out in the Will, or under the rules of intestacy where there is no Will. Finally they prepare accounts showing everything which was included in the estate of the person who died, and who it has been given to. 

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