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Do I need Probate?


Probate is needed if the estate includes:


• a house in the sole name of the person who died or

 • a house jointly owned with someone else as ‘tenants in common’ or

 • company shares
• and usually if the value of the estate exceeds £5,000

A grant of probate is a legal document, not an amount of money. The grant confirms you as the right person to deal with the money, property and possessions of the person who died. Until the grant is issued, banks, building societies and other organisations will ‘freeze’ the estate, meaning no-one can get access to it. No grant is needed if all the property, money and possessions in the estate are jointly owned with someone else as ‘joint tenants.’

Need a little help?

Just because you have been appointed as an executor in a Will, or you have been nominated as the estate administrator where there is no Will, you don’t have to deal with everything yourself.

If you don’t know whether property is held as ‘tenants in common’, or how to fill in the grant application form or the inheritance tax form, our probate solicitors can help you. Call us on 0845 521 1 521



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