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After a death most people are unsure about the probate process and what they need to do.

Sometimes a ‘grant of probate’ is needed if the person who died had valuable possessions or they owned a house. If a Will was made, the executor is responsible for getting probate. If there is no Will, the ‘rules of intestacy’ decide who has to sort out the money, property and possessions of the person who died.

At Just Probate we can help you find out if you need probate. If you do, we can provide you with an expert legal service from our panel of experienced probate solicitors. For a great value price that is fixed upfront, our solicitors will take care of getting the grant. They will advise you if inheritance tax has to be paid. They will take away from you the stress of making sure all the money, property and possessions are collected in, debts and taxes are properly paid, and the correct gifts are made to the right people.

Just Probate. A trusted provider of legal services when you need a grant of probate. Keeping it simple with legal help and advice just when you need it most.
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